Ade Rachmawan | WaterCredit Officer, Indonesia

Ade Rachmawan

Ade has worked in the microfinance sector for more than fifteen years in varying capacities in the microfinance and banking industries. He served as Microfinance Consultant for the revolving fund at the Ministry of Cooperative and PNPM Central Government programs funded by the World Bank. He is a founder of Indonesian Microfinance Association in 2007 and has both lectured and written articles on microfinance.

Commitment to

In Indonesia, millions of people still lack of access to water and better sanitation facilities in their homes. Many get water from rivers or springs a considerable distance from home or in some places water can be purchased, but at a very high price. Poor households in Indonesia have many obstacles—the largest being lack of access to financial capital. I have worked to facilitate gaining access to capital for the poor and micro-entrepreneurs for over ten years through BMT and other microfinance institutions. By joining, I can realize a dream of helping my community get safe water and sanitation for the poor in Indonesia.


Master of Science in Financial Management, Bogor Agricultural University, West Java, Indonesia

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