Alix Lebec | Director of Business Development & Investor Relations, WaterEquity

Alix Lebec

Lebec is the Director of Business Development & Investor Relations for WaterEquity, a new business unit within Lebec oversees philanthropic and social impact investment fundraising efforts for WaterEquity, in an effort to build and launch social investment funds that will help scale WaterCredit. For more than 14 years, Lebec has built strategic funding partnerships that bring together innovation and smart philanthropy, and raised capital to unleash large-scale social change. Under Lebec’s leadership, has developed a growing $45+ million portfolio of strategic donors, and an entrepreneurial Strategic Alliances department. Lebec is now building and managing WaterEquity’s Business Development and Investor Relations team, along with a $50+ million portfolio of investors. Prior to WaterEquity and, Lebec developed and managed communications, and social and human development initiatives at the World Bank in France and Southeast Asia, and at the Clinton Global Initiative in the US. Lebec holds an MS in social policy, economics, and post-conflict development from the London School of Economics; and a BA from the American University of Paris.

Commitment to

“While my work in Southeast Asia opened my eyes to the global water crisis, it was on a trip to Kenya that I realized just how dire the situation was. When visiting urban slums and rural villages, I learned how the lack of access to safe water and proper sanitation hindered children’s ability to go to school and thrive.

“I was exposed to a large portfolio of innovative programs during my work at the Clinton Global Initiative and quickly became fond of organizations such as I admired this organization’s drive to look outside of the box, build on lessons learned, and pursue game-changing solutions that can empower the poor and accelerate progress. I believe that’s entrepreneurial and demand-driven approach can have a lasting impact in the developing world.”

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