Allison Pinkowski | Marketing Manager

Allison Pinkowski

Allison Pinkowski joins with 16 years of marketing experience on both the corporate and agency side of business. Allison is based in Kansas City and as our Marketing Manager, she is primarily responsible for supporting communications efforts for key grant partners, as well as aiding in press and campaign management to tell the story across key constituencies.

Prior to joining, Allison worked for an advertising agency whose purpose centered around "adding good" to the world. She served in an account leadership role and led the development and execution of multi-channel strategic marketing plans with clients ranging from fashion to financial services. Throughout her career, Allison has always enjoyed studying her client's business, uncovering key insights, and translating those insights in a meaningful way to inspire results. She is passionate about building relationships with people and collaborating to uncover new opportunities that will make a positive impact.

Commitment to

"As I've progressed in my career and also become a mother, using my skill-set for a greater good has become increasingly important to me. Being able to join an organization that works tirelessly to provide access to some of the most basic human needs is extremely rewarding. I respect and admire the work does to help empower the world's most vulnerable people to be part of the solution. No one should have to live without access to safe water and sanitation and I'm thrilled to be part of a team pioneering sustainable initiatives to help those who need it most."


BS in Journalism, University of Kansas

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