Annie Tolbert | Strategic Alliances Administrative Coordinator

Annie Tolbert

Annie provides critical support to the Stategic Alliances department allowing team members to work most effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Her primary focus is creating cohesiveness and collaboration among a team that travels frequently, providing critical admin, team and research support while acting as a 'go-to' resource for both the Director and the team.

Annie began her career at Cerner Corporation where she worked as an Administrator for the early childhood learning centers and as an Operations Specialist in the Healthe at Cerner Institute. She brings prior experience from the non-profit industry through her internship with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, grant writing for Mental Health America of Colorado, and active involvement with Cerner's First Hand Foundation. In addition to the corporate and non-profit sector, she has experience working with governmental agencies through her capstone project in graduate school with the Denver Department of Environmental Health. Annie acquired a personal interest in joining the safe water and sanitation movement in June of 2013 during her trip to Turpin, Haiti with Mission of Hope where she witnessed the devastating effects that lack of safe drinking water and toilets can have on a community, especially women and children.

Commitment to

"I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to join This career path allows me to be a contributor in the efforts to solve the world's water crisis on a daily basis and it opens the door to educate others on what they can do to help. More importantly, I love the ability to empower people in developing countries and that is exactly what is doing with the WaterCredits. It is a privilege to create partnerships with people across the world who are passionate about our mission. Not only are the people involved with these efforts passionate, but they have a strong sense of urgency to get safe drinking water and the dignity of a toilet for all in our lifetime. This issue is too important to waste time."


B.G.S. Psychology & Applied Behavioral Sciences, Concentration in Community Health & Development, University of Kansas

M.P.A. University of Colorado at Denver

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