S. Avudai Nayakam | Senior Water & Sanitation Officer

S. Avudai Nayakam

Nayakam has worked 21 years in the rural development sector across the southern part of India. His major contributions are to the rural poor located in remote, neglected and drought prone villages. Specifically, he works on behalf of dalits, children, disadvantaged women, and the rural poor. Nayakam has made contributions in the field of watershed development, natural resources management, soil and water conservation, water and sanitation, and rainwater harvesting techniques.

As co-author, Nayakam was instrumental in developing the manual “Construction and maintenance of household-based roof water harvesting system” for UNICEF. The simple, innovative, low-cost, Ferro cement technology was introduced and widely accepted in north eastern states of India for harvesting rainwater from rooftops as drinking water.

Nayakam worked for six months in the Herat province of Afghanistan under the western consortium Irrigation Rehabilitation Project (IRP) during 2004. His major role was designing and conducting technical studies with the local community on irrigation engineering structures and drinking water aspects.

Under the Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme, sponsored by SDC-Switzerland during 2005, Nayakam served as team leader of the water and sanitation programme, conducting rapid assessment and technical studies for the most affected villages in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. Nayakam has also conducted technical studies and implemented and monitored water and sanitation programmes for non-governmental organizations in Karnataka, under the aegis of WaterAid, UK.

Nayakam has developed a simple training manual that addresses soil and water conservation measures for plain and hilly regions, rainwater harvesting and recharge techniques, and alternate drinking water systems. He has trained government officials, engineers, masons and field workers on construction and maintenance of rainwater harvesting structures.

Commitment to Water.org

"India, which boasts one of the largest populations in the world, suffers from lack of basic sanitation facilities and access to safe drinking water in most of its rural villages and urban slums. Utilizing my past experience, I will work to address this issue by combating water-related diseases through capacity building and promoting innovative and efficient solutions, such as simple water harvesting techniques.

I am happy to join the Water.org family, and to belong to an organization that promotes high-quality, sustainable, community-based water and sanitation projects. I strive very hard to implement behavioral changes that lead to better sanitation and hygiene practices among the rural and urban poor. I also strive to promote sustainable water management, including both augmentation of water sources and water protection and conservation."


B.E. Civil Engineering, Government College of Technology, Bharathiyar University - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

M.A. Sociology, Madurai Kamaraj University - Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Master of Business Administration from University of Madras - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

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