Caleb Otieno Metoh | Office Assistant/ Driver

Caleb Otieno Metoh

Caleb plays an important role in fulfilling’s objectives in Kenya. He initially worked with RDWSSP, a bilateral program between the governments of the Netherlands and Kenya, in which he offered much needed logistical support to the program. The program’s objective was to provide access to water and sanitation in the entire Lake Basin region of Kenya. Later he joined SANA International where he worked as a driver and an assistant driller for seven years. He supervised a variety of water and sanitation construction activities during his tenure. Caleb joined as part of the implementation unit responsible for constructing more than 150 water and sanitation facilities as part of the SWASH+ program. He then joined as a full-time employee.


"As someone who was brought up in a humble home, where we really had to go through a lot of poverty and suffering, I am motivated to work for helps to provide solutions to the needy communities in terms of water provision and safe sanitation."

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