Claire Lyons | Senior Strategist, Institutional Partnerships

Claire Lyons

Claire has been specialist in stakeholder engagement, organizational growth strategies and shared value partnerships to enable development programs to scale for most of her professional life. Claire joined's Global Advocacy team in August 2015 as Senior Strategist of Institutional Partnerships, to increase awareness and adoption of WaterCredit, spur portfolio diversification and unlock financial flows to expand global water supply and sanitation financing channels and products.

Claire was a consultant to over the last two years at The Partnerships Advisory. Claire brings deep and diverse development expertise in social program creation and management that began during her early years in managing community mental health pilots. She founded Downside Up Russia’s first community based special needs organization for children with Down Syndrome when she lived in Moscow.

At PepsiCo Foundation, Claire reset the strategic focus and developed the philanthropic strategies of the social investment portfolio & stakeholder engagement moving the Foundation from US-only giving into the global giving arena.

Commitment to

During my first visit to India in 2007 with I understood the amazing power and potential of WaterCredit. At that time, I had the privilege of guiding PepsiCo Foundation’s strategic philanthropic investments; after a year of due diligence and a first-hand opportunity to see how micro loans are a bridge to a much better future for families I knew WaterCredit and were the “big bet” I’d been hoping for for PepsiCo Foundation. It was during that trip I saw the potential for a systems change, by tapping into market-based instruments like micro loans, I saw how we can move from a failing water and sanitation aid model to facilitating consumer choice each $100 loan at a time. It was a powerful shift for me and one that has grown more resolute by year. It is a privilege to join the team; we’re closer to the time when water and sanitation financing will move out of the realm of phenomena into the mainstream. Being part of that is exciting and meaningful!


B.A. From William Smith College and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Antioch New England University.

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