Jaya Balakrishnan | Administrative Officer

Jaya Balakrishnan

Before joining Water.org, Balakrishnan worked for more than two years as a management trainee in insurance companies such as Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd. and Shriram Life insurance Company Ltd.

Commitment to Water.org

"The basic necessity of every living being is water. If human beings are provided with adequate safe drinking water and sanitation, 80 percent of diseases can be controlled. The life span of an average human being can be increased with safe water. Good health indirectly supports the achievement of many things in life. If the people in the world get safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, they can succeed in other areas of life. I sincerely dedicate myself to the mission of Water.org, and to helping people improve their quality of life."


M.F.M. (Master of Financial Management), Department of Commerce and Financial Studies, Bharathidasan University - Trichy, India

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