Jeremiah Pierce | Sr. Project Accountant

Jeremiah Pierce

Jeremiah Pierce serves a critical role with the Accounting team, partnering with the International Programs team to expand the accounting for and analysis of our foreign offices to ensure integrity of data and compliance of all regulations. He will also be responsible for expansion of reporting and analysis of projects, including grant reporting, expense reimbursements and accounts payable. Jeremiah has been in the accounting field for more than 12 years and is very familiar with the nonprofit universe, having worked for Cushing Memorial Hospital for the past four. He has extensive experience working on tax documentation, statistical reporting, international account management and ad hoc report design. He appreciates a good challenge and welcomes new learning opportunities.

Commitment to

"After visiting a refugee area in Southeast Asia and seeing children without access even to basic sanitation or sanitary drinking water, I was drawn to the mission of I cannot imagine my children growing up without access to these things and hope someday we live in a world where no one lacks access to them simply because of where they are born. "

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