Kiki Tazkiyah | WaterCredit Officer

Kiki Tazkiyah

As WaterCredit Officer, Kiki is responsible for managing information related to the WaterCredit program. While working in the field of water and sanitation is relatively new, her interest in the field has long been on her mind considering Indonesia is 75% water but still has a large need for safe WASH access.

Prior to exploring WASH issues, Kiki worked in market and social research. With an educational background in Sociology, Kiki has observed communities living in the natural realm. Her studies included: environmental concern among scavengers, which is defined as “direct waste management as a livelihood”; self-economy of fisherman wives in the Thousand Islands; seeking need and desire of forest communities in a corporate social responsibility area of an oil company; and household welfare in an unsafe WASH facility area. In addition to her research experiences, Kiki has also been involved in various community empowerment activities focused on education. She used to teach English to elementary school children and managed a mobile library in the streets of urban Jakarta.

Commitment to

“I used to live in a coastal area that lacked water and sanitation facilities with 15 other people inside the house. Every day we had to wait for the water cart to be available so we could buy 10 jerry cans of water that we stored in buckets inside the house. That amount of water was usually not enough to cover our bathroom needs. In such times that the water had run out, but we need to urinate or (god forbid) to defecate, we were left with the following options: (1) use a public toilet just a few houses away, but we had to pay for every use; (2) walk to a gas station which was free but took 10 minutes to get there; (3) cross under a highway through a dark and terrifying alley to get to the mosque, which is closed at night; or (4) the easiest and most efficient choice is to use neighbor’s bathroom. But could you really choose this option for every time you face this crossroad?

My personal commitment is to minimize others’ chances of going through such rough options of finding water or to use the bathroom decently – at least in my lifetime.”


Bachelors of Social Science in Sociology, University of Indonesia, Depok City, West Java, Indonesia

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