Maggie Goble | Project Manager, Grants

Maggie Goble

As grants writer, Maggie Goble ensures the timely delivery of high quality grant proposals and follow up reporting to donors. Maggie brings backgrounds in public health and international development to the organization. Prior to working for, Maggie worked with Mennonite Central Committee in Beirut, Lebanon helping secure funding for and report on MCC's response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Lebanon and Syria. While there, Maggie worked on a variety of projects, including projects in the food security, non-food items, and social cohesion sectors. Prior to that Maggie, lived and worked in Egypt helping grassroots NGOs, both rural and urban, identify and respond to the priority needs in their communities. Unsurprisingly, water and sanitation issues were a commonly identified need. Maggie’s experiences in Egypt led her to pursue a master’s degree in public health.

Commitment to

“Living and working in the Middle East, I saw firsthand the far reaching effect that lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation can have on daily life. Not only does it play a critical role in one’s physical health, but it also impacts one’s educational opportunities and livelihood. Around the world, women and children collectively spend more than 140 million hours per day collecting water. That’s valuable time that could otherwise be spent studying, earning income, or simply spending time with loved ones. I am excited to work for an organization that, by solving the world’s water supply and sanitation challenges via innovative solutions, has such far reaching impacts. Through’s efforts, women and children spend less time collecting water and more time on things that really matter.”

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