PM Jose | Microfinance Institution Program Manager

PM Jose

Jose has been in the development sector working with grassroots level agencies since May 2000. His focus is on vulnerable groups, including women and children. He has experience with community-based water and sanitation promotion programs, and building the capacity of partner staff team. He is also well versed in participatory approaches and PRA tools.

Jose has worked for government-sponsored water and sanitation programs implemented by Tamilnadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) in Virudhunagar district. As the Social Mobilization Coordinator for this program, he was instrumental in coordinating the activities of ten non-governmental organization partners in Virudhunagar district. Core elements of the program included motivating the water users to contribute a share of the capital cost of the program and to perform regular operations and maintenance. In the record time of 20 months, 515 water supply schemes were established in Virudhunagar district by mobilizing community contributions. As Social Mobilization Coordinator, Jose gained experience working with various government departments.

Jose also served as Program Officer of Caritas Network in tsunami rehabilitation, working with partners operating in affected areas. In this position, he acquired direct experience in community-based disaster preparedness programs, as well as community mobilization and gender mainstreaming, which were part of the programs. He also established water and sanitation structures and conducted hygiene education in areas affected by the disaster.

Jose worked for a microfinance institution for one year as the Resource Mobilization and Communication Executive. During this time, he underwent specific trainings on financial management and social performance of microfinance institutions.

Commitment to

"I am committed to using my skills and abilities in support of’s mission to ensure safe drinking water facilities for needy communities in the Indian subcontinent, and to increasethe reach of the WaterCredit Initiative."


M.S. NGO Management, Department of Entrepreneurship Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University

BA (Corporate Secretaryship), Manonmanium Sundaranar University - Tirunelveli

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