Pon Aananth | WaterCredit Officer

Pon Aananth

Pon Aananth has been working in the microfinance sector in various capacities for the past six years. He started his career as a projective executive in DHAN where he was responsible for organizing 3,000 economically active urban poor people and federating them into a federation of self-help groups (SHGs), which later transformed into a community-based organization (CBO). During this time, he gained experience working on behalf of the economically active poor conducting activities ranging from community mobilization at the grassroots level, to financial, social and livelihood interventions. He has also designed innovative loan products targeting urban poor people; notable among these is house leasing for the urban tenants.

Aananth has hands-on experience in different microcredit delivery channels like SHGs, joint-lending groups (JLGs), and individual lending. His interest and experience also covers internal control and risk management.

Aananth worked briefly for Centre for microfinance (CmF), Jaipur, as its program officer during its inception phase. Aananth was responsible for building capacities of different stakeholders of microfinance, coordinating research studies in microfinance, and facilitating collaboration initiatives between CmF, government, and other players in microfinance. He was also engaged in preparing a SHG database module to collect and update SHGs details across the state of Rajasthan.

Aananth worked with HDFC Ltd, a leading Housing Mortgage Company before he joined Water.org. At HDFC, he was responsible for managing the HDFC’s kfw (A German Development Bank) portfolio for Tamil Nadu. He was also instrumental in developing and piloting new housing loan products targeting the rural economy.

Aananth has attended various training programs at the national and international level for capacity building.

His areas of interest are product development, livelihood, risk management, capacity building, working for start up micro-finance institutions, and applied research.

Commitment to Water.org

"Poverty is a multi-dimensional and complex phenomenon. The major causes of abject poverty are powerlessness, vulnerability, isolation, poor physical condition (health), and low income. All causes contribute to poverty in different proportions. Poor families are not in a position to withstand health shocks and if the shocks influence the breadwinner, then the plight of the family will be much worse. Hence, it is important to provide insulations to the poor families to prevent them from health-related shocks. By providing safe drinking water and hygienic living conditions to the poor, the expenditure that will be incurred due to health issues can be arrested and directed to more productive purposes. This results in enhancing the economic parameters of the family.

I strongly believe in the vision and approach of Water.org in providing safe drinking water and healthy living conditions. I am also moved by the approach of WaterCredit as an innovative way of financing to solve water and sanitation problems, and am committed to scale up WaterCredit in India by leveraging my microfinance and banking experience."


M. Sc (Agricultural Economics) from CSA University of Agri and Tech (CSAUAT) - Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

B. Sc (Agriculture) from Tamilnadu Agricultural University (TNAU) - Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

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