Rachmad Hidayad | WaterCredit Officer Indonesia

Rachmad Hidayad

Rachmad’s role with Water.org is to conduct assessments, design programs, manage budgets and conduct monitoring and evaluation activities for WaterCredit programs in Indonesia. He has been working in the Water and Sanitation sector for four years with Oxfam GB to improve community health through safe drinking water access, improved sanitation and hygiene promotion–all items that are directly linked to financial income for those living in poverty. Prior to that, he spent seven years working on Civil Work projects with various companies in Indonesia. He has experience working with government entities, private companies, consultants and non-government organizations.

Commitment to Water.org

“Water and sanitation are basic human rights for a civil society. A lack of access to safe water and sanitation traps people, especially women, in a cycle of poverty and disease. Women spend many hours each day fetching water which affects their ability to earn an income. People die every day due to water-related diseases and most of them are low-income. Various organizations from around the world have tried to resolve the situation by implementing various programs. Nevertheless, the problem still exists.

Becoming part of the Water.org team is a way for me to effect change in water and sanitation issues. Water.org addresses these issues, especially for low-income communities, through an innovative financial and technical approach. WaterCredit is a program that empowers communities by providing people with access to financing through microfinance institutions. It will provide a lasting solution and give people a feeling of ownership. This will result in better health, a reduction in time collecting water and reduced healthcare bills and transport costs occurred when accessing treatment.”


Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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