Rosemary Gudelj | Senior Manager, Global Advocacy

Rosemary Gudelj

Experience Highlights

Rosemary has spent the last 15 years involved in nonprofit work managing Finance & Administration, Public Affairs and Global Advocacy. Prior to making the commitment to the nonprofit sector, she worked as an executive level manager in such diverse fields as real estate, live dinner theatre, residential construction, and hospitality. Her current service to includes Program Management, Public Affairs and Office Management within Global Advocacy and the Office of the CEO.

Commitment to

“Serving boldly from my heart and into work that lifts people from poverty to empowered living is my calling. Working within the Global Advocacy Program at gives me the best possible avenue to use my skills, talents, curiosity and insight to find ways to empower others. It is a humbling experience to work with this extraordinarily determined team and to know I have a part in transforming lives with safe water and sanitation.”

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