Stacy Davis | HR Generalist

Stacy Davis

Davis has spent almost two decades building a multi-faceted knowledge base through varying roles including marketing communications, brand development, systems administration, office management and executive support. Her understanding comes from the telecommunications, business consulting and nonprofit industries in both small and large organizations. Davis’ philosophy is about ownership—the final product is owned by all and is therefore the responsibility of all. A willingness to accept that responsibility is what she uses to make headquarters run seamlessly and efficiently, allowing the team to focus on what it does best. She assists the team in every capacity, from daily execution to special projects, and everything in between.

Commitment to

"As a mother, my first concern is my children—just as every mother’s first concern is her children. Each endeavor a mom undertakes is to make her childrens’ futures as bright as possible. The things it takes to provide that seem simple enough at first: financial means, proper nutrition and education. When introduced to, the realization hit me that there is a single item necessary before all others can even be conceived—water. Without clean water to cook with, food can cause illness. Education and financial means are out of reach when hours are spent daily just to bring whatever water can be found home rather than working or attending school.’s approach acknowledges this abiding tenet by using a community-level approach, implementing sustainable projects and applying tools that are accessible for women. I am proud to dedicate my skills and energy to, a team which understands that giving a mother the key to providing bright futures for her children begins with one simple instruction: Just add water."

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