Widiyatmoko | CBO WaterCredit Officer


Widiyatmoko joins Water.org with 8 years of diverse experiences in the water and sanitation sector. During these past 8 years, he has worked as a Water & Sanitation Specialist at Research and Community Services Center (P3M) of Academy Technic Tirta Wiyata, Magelang, and as junior Non-Revenue Water Specialist at the same organization. He has experience working as a Water and Sanitation Specialist Assistant at Adihanman Tata Rancang and CV. Prior to that, he was a Water Supply Network Planner with Adidaya Multi Sejahtera in Tangerang, West Java. He also has experience as Technical Coordinator at Air Kita Foundation Jakarta, and lastly, worked with USAID IUWASH as the City Coordinator.

At Water.org, he serves as the CBO WaterCredit Officer, and manages the CBO‐focused programs in partnership with Indonesia and U.S.‐based staff, including program and financial management, partner development, and program monitoring and evaluation.

Commitment to Water.org

Indonesian government has developed Community-based Organizations (CBO) on Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (called the PAMSIMAS program) years ago. But until now, there are a lot of CBOs which are still unable to improve their services and operate optimally. By joining Water.org, I hope I can help those CBOs to develop and expand their water services.


Bachelor's degree, Environmental Engineering, Sahid University, Jakarta

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