Top Photos from 2014: at Work

A girl in Kancheepurnam, India, enthralled by an assembly at her school. School programs are a great way to improve water and sanitation health awareness in small communities.

Woman in Pillayarkuppam village, India, drinks water from the safe water tap at her house.

Tabitha took out a WaterCredit loan to buy her own rainwater catchment system. The monthly payment on the loan was less than it cost her previously to buy water "by the liter" from neighbors. She paid off the loan in one year, and now runs a hair salon business in Rongai, Kenya.

Farzana realized that a loan for a toilet through would cost less than using local public toilets, which charge a fee for every use. She has a large family and open defecation was a terrible experience in their busy Indian neighborhood. Having a toilet makes all the difference for Farzana and her family.

Jeanine collects water from a kiosk in Haiti. She says, "When we saw that they were building a water treatment system in [my village] we were very happy because this meant that cholera would not trouble us anymore."

In Kenya, a water storage tank is a valuable commodity. The collected rainwater from the roof of a house is a long-lasting resource for washing, cleaning, and crop irrigation during the dry summer months.

Taking out a microfinance loan at one of's partner offices.

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