Top 5 Pics of 2013: at Work

In March we went to northern Ethiopia to monitor wells entering their third year of use. Here, people from May-ayni village collect safe water. Lemelem (not pictured) told us, "Before we had this well, I used to fetch water from the Genfel river, a 25-minute walk to the other side of a busy highway. Now it takes just five minutes walking to get as much safe water as I need."

View from the front yard, in the mountains near Granbwa, Haiti.'s project here gave these girls water closer to home that is safe to drink.

A woman in Villupuram washes pots and pans at her new water point. Our work in 2013 brought safe water to more than 27,000 people in this community of Southern India. Photo by Praveen Sundaram for

A student from the Hygiene Committee at BWDA Middle School near Chennai, India, demonstrates proper handwashing at an assembly. Hygiene education programs at this school have reduced the number of sick days for students and encouraged families to improve their sanitation facilities. Photo by Praveen Sundaram for

You can't make cement without water. A young man carries water to a construction area in Corail Thor, Haiti. The construction team uses the cement to finish the reservoir of a spring-cap project, which will supply safe water to 7,500 people in the area.

Thanks for being a part of the work we do. We look forward to changing more lives in 2014!