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For people who lack household access to water, they must get it from a public water point or purchase it from a water truck like this one.

Trucks deliver water to areas where people can't afford to connect to the municipal water supply. Many of these areas are informal slums that house a growing population. These slums occupy a huge portion of the metro area of Hyderabad, India.

Water deliveries to these areas are often unscheduled due to the high demand for water and the limited number of trucks available for deliveries. People don't know what time of day the truck will arrive, and it can be days or even weeks between visits.

When the truck does reach a neighborhood, the driver directs the water hose into large barrels that people have waiting.

Someone from every household must be available to collect as much water as they can, before the truck’s supply is exhausted.

As word spreads throughout the community, more and more people show up for water.

The area quickly becomes crowded, and the high-pressure environment sometimes leads to arguments and even fights.

In India, millions of people get their drinking water from delivery trucks. In other parts of the world this might happen during an emergency, but for the poor living in slums, this is a daily reality. See what happens when a truck shows up with a delivery, and when a driver arrives to deliver water to a different neighborhood.