Sharing our expertise and vision

How does work with partners? Our approach of using access to affordable financing to help people get access to water and sanitation is successful in multiple operating environments, with various types of partners and through diverse channels. We share this approach and spur system change at all levels – local, national, and global.

We share lessons learned and best practices among local partners, government stakeholders, and international development organizations. We engage, learn and drive conversations that help strengthen the environment for strong water, sanitation and finance solutions.

Listen as Vedika Bhandarkar,'s Managing Director, India, explains how we share our expertise and vision with our partners around the world.

Our visions of water and sanitation for all will never be achieved through our work alone. Partnering for impact is a key component of how we work.

With more than 25 years of experience and insight, we are developing more efficient, scalable solutions, and creating connections with diverse stakeholders to influence solutions at both micro- and macro- levels. We seek to do more, faster, and in partnership with others to make financing affordable and accessible to those in need of water and sanitation. We seek to spur system change at all levels to expand the flow of capital into the water and sanitation sector, thus addressing the most significant barrier to achieving universal access to water and sanitation.

Our approach to partnership changes how the world tackles the water crisis and changes the world for those in need of water and sanitation.

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