Partners make the power of water possible


Tamenech and Joseph live in Sodo, a village in central Ethiopia. There mud and thatch home is one of about 100 that make up their neighborhood. Among the houses are vegetable gardens, fruit trees, lines hung with hand-washed laundry, grazing sheep and goats, and kids at play. Inside Tamenech and Joseph’s place you’ll find Joseph studying for his priesthood while Tamenech bathes the children or prepares food.


While a part-time nurse, Tamenech spends most of her days at home raising their three kids. What makes fresh food, and health, and livelihood possible for families in this village is the power of water.

The power of water ended Tamenech and Joseph’s water crisis. Not only did Tamenech want to prevent her children from walking to rivers or ponds to find water like she did as a child, but her role as a nurse gave her the insight to know how unhealthy that water is.

“We got a water tap at home to prevent diseases in our home, we got a water tap for our children.” Tamenech


Our partners make stories like this possible. Thanks to Vision Fund in Ethiopia, families like Tamenech and Joseph’s now know the power of water. They can focus on their educations and work, caring for their children, and maintaining a home while water is just a few steps from their front door. And their children will never know the water crisis like Tamenech and Joseph once did.