Partnerships scale impact in India

Since 2005, has played a significant role in India’s progress toward improved water, sanitation and hygiene. After our partners started lending for water and sanitation, the solution proved to empower families in need with more than water connections and toilets. Women and children had more time to work or go to school, families were at less risk for waterborne illnesses, and household incomes increased

With water and sanitation there are so many is there, education is there...children can go to school." Nanda Thumaty, Secretary, SIDUR

Recognizing small loans remove the obstacle standing between many of the 163 million people in India needing access to water and sanitation,’s financial solution known as WaterCredit is scaling thanks to our partners. Now a little more than a decade later, 10 million people in India have access to safe water and sanitation at home, and the hope, health, and possibilities that come with the life-changing solutions.

Together with our partner’s at SIDUR in India, made these small, affordable loans possible for families in Hyderabad.

Watch as Nanda Thumaty of SIDUR explains how introduced the idea of lending for water and sanitation to her Indian-based organization, and how the solution is now empowering those 10 million people including Renuka [featured in the video], with more than taps and toilets.

Learn more about how partners with organizations around the world to increase affordable access to safe water and sanitation.

Nanda Thumaty stands outside her SIDUR office in Hyderabad, India