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To break the cycle of poverty.
To protect and save lives.
To make a bright future possible.
We've transformed 6 million lives with access to safe water and sanitation. You can help put the power of water into the hands of millions more.
Water changes lives.
Meet Anisa.

Anisa lives in Indonesia, and at 13 years old, is the oldest of three. She loves school. But without safe water or a toilet at home, Anisa spent time gathering water, often prioritizing this over schoolwork. She couldn't relieve herself without worrying for her safety. So Anisa and her family partnered with to get access to a small, affordable loan that would allow them to take charge of their own water and sanitation needs through a safe water tap and a sanitary latrine at home. Anisa doesn't have to walk for water anymore, or sacrifice her schoolwork. Now she has water and a toilet right at home. She can plan for the future she deserves. That's the power of water.

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Smart solutions to change more lives

WaterCredit brings small, affordable, easily repayable loans to those who need access to affordable financing and expert resources to make household water and sanitation solutions a reality.

WaterEquity empowers social impact investors to increase the availability and affordability of capital for water and sanitation microloans, putting more money into scaling up a system that is changing lives.

Our approach is proven and powerful.
Solve smart

The best way to help people get access to safe water is to help them get access to small, affordable loans made possible through something we call WaterCredit.

Solve together

When we put the power into the hands of the people who need it, the solution is more likely to succeed and to last. They have a personal investment to see the solution through.

Solve for the system

We address both the symptom and the cause. We solve for the immediate need by creating access to safe water and sanitation now. We solve for the big picture by setting up a system that works at scale and lives long after we do.