1 in 10 people lack access to safe water
1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet
Women and children spend 125 million hours each day collecting water
Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease
Every $1 invested in water and sanitation provides a $4 economic return


WaterEquity is another way to fuel WaterCredit, our proven powerful solution that allows people in need to access small loans for water connections and sanitation solutions. WaterEquity will put more money into a system that is working and changing lives. To date WaterCredit has transformed more than six million lives with access to safe water and sanitation.

WaterEquity is investment funds that increase the availability and affordability of the capital needed to support life-changing loans. Here is how it works.

  • There are currently 69 microfinance institutions across ten countries with water and sanitation loan portfolios supported through WaterCredit.
  • These institutions need access to more, affordable capital to scale their loan portfolios to meet the demand for and sanitation loans.
  • Accredited investors invest in WaterEquity social investment funds.
  • WaterEquity funds will invest capital in enterprises including microfinance institutions, increasing access to water and sanitation solutions for people in need.
  • The investor gets a moderate return or may re-invest to further their social impact.
  • The result is more people get access to safe water and sanitation, turning a life of poverty into a life of possibility.

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