Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness
Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water
More than 2.5x more people lack water than live in the United States
The majority of illness is caused by fecal matter
More people have a mobile than a toilet
Lack of community involvement causes 50% of other projects to fail

Cause Marketing

Thank you for your interest in Water.org. We truly appreciate your efforts to raise awareness of the global water crisis and the funds to address it.

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Water.org cause marketing policy

While Water.org’s name and website domain, www.water.org, may be used in association with initiatives in support of Water.org, its brand marks may not be used. These brand marks include the Water.org logo and any marks currently or hereafter owned by Water.org, singularly or in any combination.

For any initiatives in which a percent of sale proceeds benefit Water.org, transparency regarding the percentage or dollar amount donated is required, per the Better Business Bureau (see Standard 19 below).

Water.org does not endorse nor recommend products or the efforts of organizations and individuals using its name for initiatives in support of Water.org. Organizations and individuals shall not claim an endorsement, including the appearance of endorsement, of their initiative by Water.org or its co-founders, Matt Damon and Gary White. Water.org has no obligation to promote or publicize the initiative.

Individuals or organizations that elect to use the Water.org name or website domain in their cause marketing, fundraising or general promotional efforts agree to indemnify Water.org against any claims arising from these efforts.

How Your Donation Will Be Spent

Your gift will support Water.org’s efforts to provide safe water and sanitation access to those in need. Water.org’s cost structure meets the best-in-class Charity Navigator 4-Star criteria for organizational efficiency. (See rating criteria and what ratings mean.) Water.org also meets the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ Standards for Charitable Solicitations and holds the Independent Charities of America’s “Best in America” seal of excellence. Water.org’s full financials are available at: http://water.org/about/finance/.

Resources on Water.org

We welcome and encourage you to use the following Water.org resources (please provide attribution to Water.org):

Better Business Bureau Policy

The text below was excerpted from the Implementation Guide to BBB Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability

Standard 19:

Clearly disclose how the charity benefits from the sale of products or services (i.e., cause-related marketing) that state or imply that a charity will benefit from a consumer sale or transaction. Such promotions should disclose, at the point of solicitation:

  1. the actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit the charity (e.g., 5 cents will be contributed to abc charity for every xyz company product sold),
  2. the duration of the campaign (e.g., the month of October),
  3. any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount (e.g., up to a maximum of $200,000).


In clarification of the requirements of this standard, the Alliance notes the following:
  • This standard is intended to address cause-related marketing activities. The basic message of such promotions is "Buy the product of Corporation XYZ and a contribution will be made to Charity ABC." In general, the greater the sales volume, the more the charity receives. These promotions have involved a variety of goods and services including breakfast cereals, clothing, cosmetics, credit cards, long distance phone calls and fast-food.
  • For example, a disclosure that includes all the recommended elements might read as follows: "5 cents will go to ABC Charity for every box of XYZ Cereal sold in October up to a maximum of $200,000." The disclosure needs to include only elements applicable to that specific promotion.
  • The disclosure of the amount that goes to the charity might be expressed in monetary amounts (e.g., 25 cents will go to ABC Charity) or as a percentage of the purchase price (e.g., 3% of the purchase price will go to ABC Charity).
  • If the promotion involves the sale of a number of items (as in a holiday gift catalog, for example) that will benefit a specified charity, the disclosure might take the form of a range of amounts that might go to the organization. (For example, "Depending upon the specific item purchased, approximately 5 -10% of your purchase price will go to Charity ABC."
  • The disclosure must be provided to the potential purchaser at the point of solicitation. Placement of the disclosure might be, for example, within the product advertisement that features the charity benefit, on the product packaging, on the hangtag attached to the product, or on the catalog order form.
  • Disclosures solely stating that the charity will receive "proceeds," "profits," "net proceeds," or some other general financial benefit as a result of sales will not meet this standard.

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