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Your company can give women hope, children health and communities a future. By donating a percentage of your sales or services, you help us ensure a day when all people can take a safe drink of water and experience the dignity of a toilet.

Register your cause marketing program in 4 easy steps:

Review our cause marketing policy below Register your company Download Promo Kit (logo, photos and more, available after registration) Donate your proceeds

Where your money goes. Your gift will support's efforts to provide safe water and sanitation access to those in need. You can learn more about the projects your donation will support here. You can be sure that will use your donation wisely. meets the best-in-class Charity Navigator 4-Star criteria for organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and holds the Independent Charities of America's "Best in America" seal of excellence.'s full financials are available at:

How to donate. We make donating a portion of sales or services easy: simply donate online. To donate via check, please note your business name and cause marketing partnership program in the memo line and mail to:, 117 West 20th Street, Suite 203, Kansas City, MO, 64108-1909 USA, attention: Cause Marketing.

Transparency. For any initiatives in which proceeds of a sale benefit, transparency regarding the percentage or exact dollar amount donated per sale is required in your communications. (See Better Business Bureau guidelines, see Standard 19.) For example: “XX% of the proceeds from this sale will benefit” When you register your cause marketing program, please also include the duration of the campaign and any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount.

Use of marks and designations. The Cause Marketing Promo Kit includes logos and guidelines for registered cause marketing partners to use, to describe where funds will be donated. Marks and designations should not be used to promote any product or service. Furthermore, the name/logo may not be placed on any product or product packaging without written permission.

Indemnification. Businesses, organizations or individuals that elect to use the name, logo or website domain in their cause marketing, fundraising or general promotional efforts agree to indemnify against any claims arising from these efforts.

Social media promotion. While we are very appreciative of your work on behalf of, has no obligation to promote or publicize the cause marketing program via our social media channels, and cannot accommodate requests to do so.

Recognition of support. Thank you so much for your support. Once you have donated to, we will add your business to our curated “Shop to Support” Pinterest board. Additionally, donations of more than $2,500 are acknowledged in our annual report.

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