Household Water in Ongata Rongai

When individuals lack household access to water, they must purchase it from another source.

This water cart was selling water for 15-20 KES (USD $0.18 and $0.24) per 20 liters in a neighborhood in Ongata Rongai, Kenya. (The average income per person in Kenya is $2.25 per day. Source: The World Bank) There is a municipal water system that provides water 2 days per week or a private borehole system that provides water a few hours per day. If residents don’t have enough water storage, they must buy water from a vendor.

Capital city: Nairobi
Population of 41.6 million
17 million lack safe water
28 million have no sanitation services
Infant mortality rate of 4.3%
50% live in poverty

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