A Lighter Load in Ethiopia

Letebrehan Gerezgiher is 24 years old and has three kids; Maytsada village is living in this small village. She says,”I used to travel two hours in the dry season in search of water and then, without taking a rest, prepare food for my children and husband, clean the house yard, and wash the children. I have to also collect firewood for the next day. After returning from the collection of firewood, I must, again, collect water in the evening, which is of course a risky time to do so. It was really a difficult for me. Thanks, to REST and Water.org, we have received great relief due to the construction of this nearby, safe water supply.”

Capital city: Addis Ababa
Population of 96.6 million
49 million lack safe water
76 million have no sanitation services
Infant mortality rate of 5.5%
40% live in poverty

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