Something to Smile About

For the 802 million people who lack adequate sanitation facilities in India, a toilet at home could change their lives. They would no longer have to walk long distances to find a safe place to defecate, nor would they have to suffer the unhealthy consequences from not having a clean place to relieve themselves.

After getting a toilet at home, Ratnabai found the solution something to smile about. She gladly shared, “When my father joined the local Self Help Group, we learned the importance of a toilet. Since joining, he has built a toilet in our house. There are so many advantages now: we don’t have to walk for miles; it is clean and easy to maintain; and we are able to spend more time working.”

Capital: New Delhi
Population of 1.2 billion
77 million lack access to safe water
769 million lack access to improved sanitation
59% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day