Rainy days give Grace more

Grace had always hoped she could raise her daughter without ever asking her to walk to fetch water. Now, with every rainy day, her hope turns into a beautiful reality.

Grace used to collect unsafe water from a nearby stream. It was a time-consuming chore, and she passed the lengthy walk by hoping for a better way. Thanks to a WaterCredit loan, Grace and her husband were able to purchase a rain catchment system and a water tank. Now, each rainy day brings an abundance of water such that Grace has enough to ensure a future wherein her daughter will never know the struggle of walking for water.

Honor a mother in your life, and celebrate all that water gives.

Capital: Nairobi
Population of 46.7 million
17.3 million lack access to safe water
32.7 million lack access to improved sanitation
43% of the total population lives below the national poverty line