Christiane Amanpour interviews Damon & White (ABC)

Actor Matt Damon’s Clean Water Mission (ABC This Week with Christiane Amanpour) - Actor Matt Damon is on a mission to improve access to one of the world’s most precious resources: water.

“It’s really hard for people like us to relate to it, because it’s just never been something we had to think about,” Damon told “This Week” anchor Christiane Amanpour. “Clean water is only as far away as the nearest tap, and there are taps everywhere. There’s a faucet everywhere. But the reality is, the water in our toilets is cleaner than the water that most people are drinking.”

The depth of the crisis has long been a focus of White, Damon’s partner and co-founder. Lack of access to clean water affects different populations — “whether you’re in the rural areas and walking hours or whether you’re in the urban slums, forced to pay seven to 15 times more per liter of water to the water mafia because you can’t afford to get a house connection,” White said.

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