Kinslahafti's story of joy

When we spoke a few weeks ago with 18-year-old Kinslahafti, she said she used to spend eight hours each day collecting water. But that's all changed.

In rural Ethiopian village of Genfel, Kinslahafti walked miles in the hot sun to the nearest river to collect water. She'd miss school, her back would ache, and during the harvest season, she'd have no rest. And after all of her effort, the water she collected was dirty. helped her village to install their first well. With community members trained on how to operate and maintain it, it's sure to last for generations to come. Today, it takes Kinslahafti less than an hour to collect clean water for her entire family, thanks to donors like you.

Capital: Addis Ababa
Population of 98.9 million
42.5 million lack access to safe water
71 million lack access to improved sanitation
72% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day