Public tap time lapse

This time-lapse captures a 15 minute scene in 15 second of what this reality is like for many living in urban slums. While here it the developed world it is quite common, having safe water near one's home seven days a week, 24 hours is actually quite rare.

On most every corner in the urban slums of India you will see city water being provided via community stand posts. Each post services all the water needs for 30-40 families and water flows once per day for about an hour. Early in the morning women begin to line to up to take their maximum allotment of five vessels per day. If they miss the collection time or the water doesn't come, they won't have water until tomorrow.

Capital: New Delhi
Population of 1.2 billion
77 million lack access to safe water
769 million lack access to improved sanitation
59% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day