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Maria Delsa Sanchez is a proud mother of six in the rural Honduran community of Guatincara. Maria's family was very involved in the construction of their community's new water system and household latrines. Guatincara's water project is a gravity flow water system that delivers water from a mountain spring to all the participating homes in the community.

Guatincara's water project is a gravity flow water system that delivers water from a mountain spring to all the participating homes in the community. The water system includes over nine miles of pipe all laid and buried by hand by the community. Maria's husband and sons were very involved in this construction, putting in many long, hard days of work. Maria also helped to cook food for the construction teams.

Community involvement is key when it comes to having a lasting water project. It takes people like Maria Delsa Sanchez, a proud mother of six, to step up and be a leader in her village and for the water project. She is the treasurer of the elected water committee who was sworn in to take care of and maintain the new water system. The community can take pride in their project, participate, contribute, and have ownership so that they can have clean water for a lifetime.

The water committee's activities include organizing weekly maintenance of the system by community members, treatment of the water, and collection of a monthly fee from each household. As treasurer, Maria's responsibilities include collecting a fee from households each month and keeping track of funds received. The funds collected will be used to pay for operation and maintenance of the community's water system.

Maria is very grateful for the clean water and new latrines. She said, "Now our entire family is clean and there is enough water. Now we have a new life because the water is treated." She is glad to have enough water for all her household needs: "Now I use the water to clean the house, to bathe my family, to drink. We are happy because the water is abundant."

As you might imagine, World Water Day is our favorite time of year. World Water Day was created in 1993 by the United Nations. uses the entire week to spread the word of sustainable safe water access for the nearly a billion people currently without it. Our goal is to make this a reality in our lifetime and so we celebrate water and all the progress that has been made, and that we are continuing to make.

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Give one person clean water. $25 brings one person safe water. Our goal is to help 200 people this year in the spirit of World Water Day. Pass it on!

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"Clean water makes me smile."
Capital: Tegucigalpa
Population of 8.4 million
758,000 lack access to safe water
1.4 million lack access to improved sanitation
29% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day