A community's bright future

Since childhood, Jacque helped her mother collect water from wherever they could scavenge it near their village in the Central Plateau of Haiti. Children often got ill with diarrhea from drinking water collected from open and unprotected water sources.

As she got older, her community built a well. But after only a few years it broke down. No one had the money or know-how to fix it so it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. They visited nearby villages in hopes of getting clean water from working wells, but every time Jacque and her friends were ridiculed, insulted, and asked to not return lest they break wells in other communities from over-use.

Now her community has a new well, funded by the generosity of donors like you. Jacque said of their new well, "we now find water with ease. We drinkā€¦the children bathe, they don't have a bit of problems and they aren't sick anymore."

Previously, her children regularly suffered from diarrhea and needed medical care, which cost money that families like hers simply didn't have in this impoverished region. She continued, "Now, instead of paying for the hospital, I can buy a small animal or pay for my children to go to school." As we left her home she finished by adding, "Thank you because you came here and helped us with the health of our children. Thank you, God."

By giving to Water.org this holiday season, you can give others the chance to achieve their dreams. Thank you!

Wondering what your gift can do?

  • $25 - helps one person
  • $50 - helps two people
  • $100 - helps a family
  • $250 - water for ten people
  • $500 - helps five families
  • $1,000 - helps a small village
  • $2,500 - helps a large community