Empowered moms empower others. A widowed mother of five, Elena was empowered to access her own safe water and sanitation solutions at home.

Empowered moms empower others. Meet Elena. A widowed mother of five, Elena was empowered to access her own safe water and sanitation solutions at home through something Water.org created called WaterCredit. We created WaterCredit so the poor, like Elena, could access affordable financing to construct their own water taps and toilets at home.

Elena's sons pose for a quick photo before heading out to play soccer.

A solve, to what otherwise would have been financially unachievable, gave Elena and her kids more time and better health. Hours of the day are now spent working and attending school, rather than walking to collect water or ill in bed.

For instance, Elena’s daughter recently graduated school and now she works full-time at a local bank. Her 17-year-old son is finishing his education and drives a taxi to supplement the household income. Her three youngest boys are all in school with high hopes of becoming doctors and professional soccer players.

Elena's eldest son's motorcycle sits parked in the dining room, near her late husband's photo.

These jobs, these dreams, the home they all rest in each night would not be possible without water. With their combined incomes, the family can pay for tuition, electricity, food, and repay their small loan. Within less than two years Elena’s loan for a tap and toilet will be repaid, and water will keep flowing. Her children will benefit from her decision for years to come.

Elena's son brushes his teeth before bed. Elena prepares evening tea.

Elena’s story proves how critical it is to empower moms with the ability to access safe water for their families at home. With the ability to give her family water and private toilets, now Elena has empowered her children with opportunities to create bright futures for themselves. They are learning, have better health, and are able to focus on their futures.

Capital: Lima
Population of 31.1 million
4 million lack access to safe water
7.5 million lack access to improved sanitation
8% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day