Futures Full of Possibility

Woman looking through a square made by her hands

“What is it you will do with your one wild and precious life?”

For 663 million others, the expense, exhaustion, disease caused by a lack of access to safe water makes it difficult to think about their future, let alone opportunities they may find in it.

These 663 million people have incredible potential.

They are knowledgeable, courageous citizens capable of defining their own futures. Water.org created WaterCredit to empower millions of them to push past the barriers of poverty and embrace a future of possibility.

Amelia doing laundry

With a water tap at home Amelia and her sister can do laundry – a service which earns them an income and allows Amelia’s children to attend school.

Kontala's sewing machine

For Kontala, water flowing means time for sewing. Rather than spend hours each morning waiting in a line at the shared community source, Kontala waits on customers; hemming skirts, adding notions, and earning money for her family.

Sariati sitting in front of her home

Sariati’s water tap has afforded her the time to work as a maid. She returns to her home in the evening, pleased she can earn a living helping make her home beautiful as well.

Give water credit for restoring health and time, enabling women like Amelia, Kontala, and Sariati to prove their potential as entrepreneurs and employees.