Healthier lives

Lilis using her home water tap

Through and its partner in Indonesia, Lilis and her family now have a water tap at home. Read their story.

Lilis is thirty-eight years old. She works as a cleaning lady and also runs a small snack shop out of her home. Together with her husband and two young sons, Lilis' family makes their home in Telukjambe Barat, about 50 kilometers east of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Until recently the family did not have access to a water connection at home. This made basic day-to-day needs like cooking, bathing and drinking water very difficult. Lilis knew her neighbors had access to water at home, but she felt very uncomfortable asking to use their water. So for the sake of their health and to provide a better life for their two boys, Lilis and her husband sought out another solution - one they could call their own.

Through and its partner in Indonesia, Lilis and her husband took a WaterCredit loan to construct a water tap at home. The couple’s income will afford them the ability to repay the loan. Now that they have water, the family’s daily needs for cooking, bathing and drinking are satisfied.

With water at home, Lilis was also able to invite her mother to live with the family. Her mother helps increase the family’s income because now she can help run the snack shop while Lilis pursues her cleaning business during the day. The boys can attend school, play and enjoy the benefits of healthy, safe water at home.

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Population of 255.7 million
33 million lack safe water
100 million lack sanitation
43% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day
Capital: Jakarta