A mother’s dream come true

In her lifetime, Rajamma wanted to see her daughter get a good education. However, for a family living in the slums of Bangalore, this was an almost unattainable goal.

In the absence of safe water and toilets, people living there are trapped in a cycle of poverty and often struggle with health-related issues. To overcome this, Rajamma joined a self-help group sponsored by a local Water.org partner, and together they were able to bring water and toilets to their community.

Her daughter, Batti, who is soon to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree, is excited to get a job. She shared with Water.org, “I love my mom so much. She had to work very hard when we were kids, and without her hard work and clean water, I would not have been able to get an education.” With the support of donors like you, this family is on the road to a better life. Watch Rajamma's video.

Wondering what your gift can do?

  • $25 - helps one person
  • $50 - helps two people
  • $100 - helps a family
  • $250 - water for ten people
  • $500 - helps five families
  • $1,000 - helps a small village
  • $2,500 - helps a large community

Capital city: New Delhi
Population of 1.2 billion
103.8 million lack safe water
802 million have no sanitation services
Infant mortality rate of 4.3%
29.8% live in poverty

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