Muhayanti in Rancalabuh with her daughter Intan

Muhayanti spent most of her youth in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, after her family’s home caught on fire, they moved to Rancalabuh, a rural village outside of Tangerang, Indonesia. Muhayanti is now raising her own family in Rancalabuh. She is married with one child, a four year old daughter named Intan.

Rancalabuh Vilalge Rancalabuh Vilalge

Moving from urban Jakarta to a rural village had its challenges; access to safe water and a toilet being the main. Muhayanti found she was spending much of her time walking to collect water. After marrying and becoming a mother she felt it was important for her family's safety and health to have access to water and a private latrine at home. Muhayanti looked to and our partner organization, KPP, to lend her the funds needed to make this possible.

Muhayanti's mother sorts fabrics as they do their morning work. Muhayanti's mother sorts fabrics as they do their morning work.

With a WaterCredit loan Muhayanti's life was changed. Now she has a water tap and a toilet on her property. When asked what life is like now that she has water in the home Muhayanti said, “Now it’s easier for me to wash our clothing and bathe Intan. Intan was prone to sickness, often. She has been much healthier now that we have a tap and toilet. We no longer have to go to the fields to defecate, or to the river for water. When Intan gets dirty from playing in the village, I can wash her right away.”

Muhayanti making rugs Muhayanti

Muhayanti and her mother make rugs to earn extra income. They sell the fringed rugs to market distributors who come to the village once per week to pick up the product and pay Muhayanti. It is through this work, Muhayanti is able to repay her WaterCredit loan. Click to read about how WaterCredit has helped change the lives of other women and their families in Indonesia.

Population of 255.7 million
33 million lack safe water
100 million lack sanitation
43% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day
Capital: Jakarta