Ngugi & The Kenyan Water Crisis

Ngugi carrying water jugs in Kenya

In Kenya, more than 40% of the population live in poverty, and 17.5 million people lack access to safe water. Because access to water is limited, villagers in Gaichajira like Ngugi look to distant sources to find water for their families.

Ngugi collecting water

Ngugi knows how important it is to have water at home. Growing up in Gaichajira, he probably spent a great deal of time as a child collecting water for his family. Now an adult, he continues to recognize the need for water in his village as access is extremely limited and expensive.

Ngugi attaching jerrycans to his motorcycle

Ngugi hauls jerrycans by motorcycle to distant ponds and creeks where he fills them. After filling the cans, he rides the dirt roads back to the village where he delivers water to neighbors.

Motorcycle driving with crates in Kenya

To bring more sustainable, safe water solutions to Ngugi's village and beyond, supports a country-wide WaterCredit initiative in both rural and urban areas of Kenya. The programs provide a variety of affordable safe water and sanitation products to fit the needs of households such as rainwater harvesting tanks, water connections, shallow wells, and latrines.

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Capital: Nairobi
Population of 46.7 million
17.3 million lack access to safe water
32.7 million lack access to improved sanitation
43% of the total population lives below the national poverty line