Ranjaana's Water Pump & The Water Crisis in India

Since the construction of their water pump at home, Ranjaana and her large family can do more in life. Read their story.

In the state of Odisha, India many families in both urban and rural settings live without access to safe water or improved sanitation. Although the eastern Indian state is rich in culture and one of India’s main coastal ports for trade, more than 60% of the population in Odisha live below the poverty line.

It is in the Odishan village of Kanija that Ranjaana and her family make their home. Not until recently did the family get access to safe water at home. Prior to constructing a water pump through Water.org and partner organization Adhikar, Ranjaana’s family got water from a local pond. Understanding most in her village used this pond for washing, bathing and drinking – it is no surprise Ranjaana’s family often fell very ill with diarrhea – bacteria in the pond water being the trigger and culprit.

Since the construction of their water pump at home, Ranjaana and her large family can access the municipal line for water to cook, drink and bathe. And thanks to this improvement in their lives they can spend their time earning a living from their grocery shop, getting an education at school and enjoying better health.

This story was made possible by a generous grant from the PepsiCo Foundation.

Capital: New Delhi
Population of 1.2 billion
77 million lack access to safe water
769 million lack access to improved sanitation
59% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day

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