In Uganda, 65% of the population lack access to improved sanitation and almost one-third of the population lack access to safe water. This is the country Rose calls home, and finally through, the water-related issues faced by so many in Uganda will no longer affect her family.

Rose is 33 and lives in Bombo Town where she dropped out of school after fifth grade. It is no surprise Rose quit school so young as globally, the daily struggle to secure water burdens mainly women and children; this priority for survival certainly took Rose’s time away from the classroom. Rose, now an adult, is a single mother of five. She earns a living to support her family by selling charcoal and firewood. When not traveling to Gulu, Northern Uganda for supplies to run her business, Rose spent time each day walking to collect water for her family.

The family's latrine.

Rose and her children, ages five to fifteen, live in a two-bedroom brick home on a small plot of land. Only recently was she able to construct the home after becoming a client of PostBank, a local microfinance institution in Uganda. Rose was approved for a loan to build her house. Since that time, PostBank has partnered with to add WaterCredit to their lending portfolio. Now not only can customers like Rose access funds to construct houses or start small businesses, now they can take out a small loan to build toilets or connect a tap at home.

Rose shares how pleased she is to have access to safe water and a toilet at home.

As a customer of PostBank, Rose used WaterCredit to fund the construction of a pit latrine and water tap. Now, her children will not know the water crisis like Rose once did. Now, she is pleased they don’t have to worry about collecting water or search daily for a safe place to relieve themselves. Now they can focus on going to school and making a good life for themselves.

The children with their teacher and friends at school in Bombo.

Capital: Kampala
Population of 40.1 million
8.4 million lack access to safe water
31.5 million lack access to improved sanitation
63% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day