Safe At Home: Anisa's Story & The Water Crisis in Indonesia

Anisa & her mother

In countries where access to safe water and improved sanitation are limited, women and girls tend to struggle with the consequences the most. Read how water and a private latrine have given Anisa a sense of safety and hope.

Meet Anisa. She is thirteen and the oldest of her mother’s three children. Until recently, the concept of having a private, sanitary place to relieve oneself was an unknown concept to Anisa. Further, access to safe drinking water at home was not an option. For this girl, who will soon be a young woman, Anisa’s mother recognized the family needed a toilet and a water tap at home.

Anisa's family home in Klebet Anisa's family home in Klebet.

In countries where access to water and sanitation are limited, women and girls tend to struggle with the consequences the most. By having these resources Anisa would no longer have to walk long distances to help her mother collect water, she could bathe regularly, and concerns about her safety thus alleviated as she could relieve herself in private, rather than defecate in the open.

Anah, Anisa's mother, waters the family garden. Anah, Anisa's mother, waters the family garden.

Through Anisa’s family constructed a water tap and toilet at home. In speaking with Anisa she revealed how relieved she was when her parents were able to do this for their family. She loves school and now feels she can confidently pursue it knowing she has a few basic needs met at home. She also shared the comfort she now feels knowing she doesn’t have to fear for her safety when defecating in the open.

Anisa with her mother and brother Safe at home.

As we concluded our conversation with Anisa she shared her hopes for working for an organization like in the future. Inspired by the difference safe water and a toilet have made in her life, Anisa said she would like to dedicate her life work to helping other families get access to these life-changing resources.

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Having access to safe water means kids stay at home, safe with their families.
Population of 255.7 million
33 million lack safe water
100 million lack sanitation
43% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day
Capital: Jakarta