A shorter journey in Ethiopia

Wereda Gulo-Mekeda is located on the northern part of the Tigray regional state characterized by mountainous landscape with a limited supply of potable water. People there were suffering from this challenge, which was forcing them travel long distances to collect water.

Weizro Abadit Gebremeske, 36, has five children and is one of the beneficiaries of a newly constructed shallow borehole. She describes the difference before and after the construction of the well.

“Before the construction of this well, it was a tough moment for us because we were forced to fetch water from very distant and unprotected wells. Not only we were trekking a long journey but we also spent a lot of time queuing to refine the water we collected." But now she said “the problem connected with fetching water has been completely solved.” In addition to this, Weizro Abadit said that unlike before, she and the community dwelling around the well are now able to collect water not only for drinking and cooking but also for washing their clothes, their bodies, and their kids as well.

She shared, "If you consider the time spent on collecting water before the construction of the well, you realize that the project is really bringing change to the health and quality of life for the women and young girls who collect the water." People residing nearby also share what Weizro Abadit Gebremeskel described.

She thanks REST and Water.org for understanding their immense problem and providing a quick response to address their shortage of water.

Capital: Addis Ababa
Population of 98.9 million
42.5 million lack access to safe water
71 million lack access to improved sanitation
72% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day