A Toilet Brings Honor

Mrs. Annakka Ujinikoppa and her sisters wanted to find a way to help their mother-in-law gain closer access to a toilet. They were finding the cost too high but then they discovered a WaterCredit loan.

Staff from Water.org’s local partner — SKDRDP — first met Mrs. Annakka Ujinikoppa in a Self-Help Group (SHG) meeting in the Ramapur Village of Karnataka. Annakka and her husband are both farmers and live in a very remote area of the village. Although there is a community sanitation center with public toilets within a half mile, it was quite a long distance to travel for her elderly mother-in-law. Annakka and her sisters would help her to the bathroom every morning and spent countless hours providing assistance during other times of the day.

In the meeting with SKDRDP staff, she said she had wanted to buy a household toilet for a long time, but her husband balked at the large upfront cost. A loan officer visited her house and discussed repayment options [for a WaterCredit loan] with the family. Once they understood that they could afford the payment plan over time, the family agreed that they could make it work. A civil engineer helped the family build a septic tank and toilet room, which was completed within a month.

Through the assistance of Water.org and SKDRDP, Annakka’s mother-in-law can now go to the bathroom without a painful walk to a community sanitation center. The family is still active in the SHG and works to convince the other members to construct their own toilets.

This success story was submitted by Water.org’s partner organization, SKDRDP, and was made possible by a generous grant from the PepsiCo Foundation.

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