Water gives entrepreneurs like Alyssa opportunity.

Alyssa: Water gives opportunity

Days have always been full for Alyssa. Between caring for her three kids, managing a small eatery out of her home, and raising pigs for market, Alyssa never felt she had a moment to spare.

But each year between November and May, lack of rain would cause her neighborhood water sources to dry up. And Alyssa would face the prospect of adding yet another task to her to-do list: a long, arduous walk to collect water.

Alyssa pumping water into her blue bucket

So Alyssa took out a WaterCredit loan, and installed a hand pump in her own home. The water is safe, and readily available, and Alyssa can now look at her daily duties with confidence. Not only does she have the time to care for her small businesses, but her entire family says the water tastes "delicious," and each child can bathe daily.

Alyssa even provides her next-door neighbor with safe water, free of charge. Passing her opportunity on to others. Tell us what water gives you at WaterDay.org

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Capital: Manila
Population of 101.8 million
8 million lack access to safe water
26.5 million lack access to improved sanitation
42% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day