Water gives Rose hope.

Rose: Water Gives Hope

When Rose was a young girl, she dropped out of school to help her mother tend to the household, and to take on the task of walking to gather water each day. It was hard work, and it wasn't her dream, but her family needed her.

Now that Rose is herself a mother, she could give all five of her children a future full of education and opportunity. With the help of Water.org, she installed a water tap in her home, and now each of her sons and daughters are free to focus on their schoolwork – not the work of collecting water.

Group of children smiling in Uganda

Water gives Rose hope. Not just for her children, but for the future of Uganda. Tell us what water gives you, and share with the world at Waterday.org

Capital: Kampala
Population of 40.1 million
8.4 million lack access to safe water
31.5 million lack access to improved sanitation
63% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day