Gearing up for World Water Day

For the past few years, these 20,000 women have come together from all over rural India on March 22 to celebrate water. As their colorful saris fill the giant tents, they spend World Water Day listening to speakers, watching dancers, and talking about the importance of water in their lives.

As you might imagine, World Water Day is our favorite time of year. But we don't limit it to just one day. Here are the ways you can get involved right now to help us create a buzz around water for the entire month of March:

  • Donate Your Voice to the cause using your Facebook or Twitter status. Sign up now! The campaign runs March 19 - 24.

  • Give one person clean water. $25 brings one person safe water. Our goal is to help 200 people this year in the spirit of World Water Day. Pass it on!

  • is active participant in developing and supporting World Water Day activities in Washington DC. Advocacy and learning events will be held in DC on March 21 and 22nd. If you are in the area, this is a good opportunity to learn more, engage, show support for critical WASH Issues, and urge engagement from Congress. Learn more about these or how you can participate at

  • Change out your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo on your profile with one of ours in celebration of Water Day:

    "Make a splash"

    "Put your hands together."
    (Note: when you click the link above and can view the image, right click the image and "Save As" to your desktop. Then you can upload the photo to your Facebook profile.)
  • Pin one of these posters to your Pinterest board to show your celebratory spirit for Water Day:

    Pin It "Cannonball"

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    "Clean water makes me smile."

  • Change out your Twitter background in honor of Water Day.

MORE TO COME: To get the latest on our Levi's partnership that will launch on Water Day, the YouTube video bloggers we just took to India, and the other partnerships and activities TBA, be sure to sign up for our monthly update, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

A little background: World Water Day was founded in 1993 by the United Nations. While different groups use it to highlight different impacts of water on this day, we use the entire week to lift up our mission: sustainable safe water access for the nearly a billion people currently without it. Our goal is to make this a reality in our lifetime. And so we use the entire week to celebrate water and all the progress that has been made, and that we are continuing to make.

Thanks for joining us!