WaterCredit in Uganda

When the municipal water source proved unreliable, read how Aggrey was able to supplement his household water needs through WaterCredit.

Aggrey is a resident of a village called Omungyenyi in Uganda. Water is connected to his property through the government water facility, but unfortunately the supply is very unreliable. When water is limited, he and his family have to source it from a nearby pond which is about six kilometers away. Because the pond is a watering hole for local wildlife, the water is not clean.

As Water.org and our local MFI partner, PostBank Uganda, began offering WaterCredit loans in his community, Aggrey learned he could supplement the family’s water needs by taking out one of these simple loans to purchase a tank for storing rain water. Through his WaterCredit loan he was able to install a storage tank on his property. Now he can store rain water to use for cleaning, bathing and watering the family garden. Having access to water at home has freed the family from walking long distances to source water, and has allowed them more time to work and attend school.

Aggrey is grateful for the loan opportunity, and his family will experience the benefits of this solution for many years to come.

Capital: Kampala
Population of 40.1 million
8.4 million lack access to safe water
31.5 million lack access to improved sanitation
63% of the total population lives on less than US$2 per day